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elite_charmed's Journal

Elite Charmed Icons
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Hello and welcome to Elite Charmed, a community for elite icons of Charmed, the TV Show.

What is elite? Well, it means that you must apply to join. But before you apply, click the join this community thingie and then post your application to this post.

Once you’re approved, you will be given a posting access, and then you can post the icons.


++ Only Charmed related icons are allowed. If you posted a multifandom post, make sure that your teaser icons are Charmed icons (no more than 3 teaser icons!).
++ Comment and credit when taking icon/s. Do not hotlink!
++ You must not disable comments in the community post. If you wish people comment on your post in your journal, say it in the community entry.
++ YOUR ICON POST MUST NOT BE LOCKED (no friends-only posts)! But, if you still HAVE TO make it friends-only, leave it public for at least 7 days, to let us see the work.
++ No promoting other comms(unless approved).


++ First, JOIN the community.
++ Fill the application form (below) and comment with it ONLY HERE.
++ Post 6-12 icons that you think really represent your work. A minimum of 4 icons MUST BE CHARMED. The rest is your choice.
++ If you’d like constructive critism from us, just ask :)
++ When applying, include your favourite character from Charmed in your subject, so we make sure you read the rules.
++ If you are not accepted, you must wait at least one month to apply again.


All affiliates are listed here . If you’d like to be affiliates, comment there.


You can promote this community with these banners:

Credit for the layout code goes to: interlinea